Ägypten 2022

Die Reise zu dir Selbst, so habe ich Sie genannt... Doch lies selbst, was die Mitreisenden alles erlebt haben.

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Patrizia wrote her experience, to say thank you in a special way...

Egypt, an adventure.

Egypt has always fascinated me, I met it when I was 20 years old, I discovered it through the novels of Christian Jacques. At that time, I lived and felt the adventure through his pen. Very quickly my attention was captured by the healers, the priests, the magic, the rituals. I was literally captivated by this whole universe.

I waited 29 years to have one of my dreams fulfilled and the experience was well worth the wait.

Let's start at the beginning, the theme of the trip was "The The Journey to yourself".

This Journey, I did this trip with 6 other people, Mario, our leader and guide during these two weeks. He amazed us during this stay. Everyone should travel one day with Mario. You will understand it later when you read the rest. Sebastian, the youngest with the beautiful blue eyes, sensitive and curious about energy discoveries. Marc, elegant, gentleman, ready for any situation, helpful and my mosquito repellent savior :). Mandy, the radiant storm, nothing resists her, the Bedouins were completely seduced by her charm, her openness, and her smile. Martin, discreet, solid, curious and always ready to help. Renata, the sweet and beautiful one. Elegant, adventurous, courageous, a true example of resilience. And then me, Mario's assistant during this trip but also open to the experience of meeting myself and letting my superpowers emerge.

The first 2 days, we took the time to discover Cairo and its magnificent Egyptian Museum, the oldest and most beautiful Al-Azhar Mosque. Further on to Saqqarah, its tombs, Temples and its pyramids.

And to allow us to relax, 2 boat trips on the Nile are on the program, the first one on a small sailboat (Feluca) and the second one on a big restaurant boat.

The Feluca allowed me to go down inside myself and arrive in Egypt. To breathe and to let go of all the tensions of the days before the trip.

The second evening was more festive, we attended a belly dance by an Egyptian woman with splendid long hair, with generous curves, talented and smiling dancer. Maybe she had done some breast surgery, they look huge… 

We all danced, Marc and Sebastian are salsa dancers, youhouuuu, I was able to sway to the wild rhythms.

We had to be pushed out at the end of the evening.

A nice relaxing and luxurious evening before our departure the next day for the desert.

Departure 7:30 am, with sleepy eyes, we went to the 5 stars breakfast, a treat for the eyes and a good taste for the belly. Between the Egyptian cuisine, the continental breakfast, the fruits, the juices and the pastries of La Madeleine, it was difficult to choose

We are ready for 4,5 hours drive to the Bahariyya


For 2 days, we stay in a camp, very simple rooms, the minimum of comfort. The day we leave to explore the desert and the natural spring sources, we bath, we get used to.

We get acquainted with the dessert during the day and in the evening, the Bedouins make us party, Mandy our star makes everybody melt, it is party time, we dance, we smoke chicha, we try the belly dance, I can tell you that the locals have laughed a lot and us too

Third morning, we are ready for the desert for 4 days and 4 nights.

If I had been told before embarking all that we were going to cross and go through, not sure that I would have got into the Jeep

Direction white dessert, everything is whouahhhhh, it's beautiful and magical.

We explore different places whose energetic vibration is very powerful, it vibrates everywhere, personally, I feel alive, connected to the earth, bare feet, we climb a small mountain, finally, I stop before the summit, I do not have the adequate shoes but sincerely, at this height there, the light is already magnificent and the marvelous landscape, it is the sunset, and I am amazed. I settle down for a meditation, I welcome the dessert and its power.

I am lucky that all the people of the group are gifted in photography, I can concentrate on what is essential for me during this journey, to feel the energy, to absorb it to awaken the universal knowledge and to be one with it.

The night welcomes us, we establish the camp, and the wind begins to blow stronger. Our guides prepare us a great meal, we have the visit of a family of dessert-Foxes which came to beg the remains of chicken, they are adorable, we learn how they live in the dessert, how they come to look for the bones to then bury them and eat them when they are hungry.

I ask one of our Bedouins Guids if I can pray with him, end of the evening, here we are the 7 of us lined up to do a Muslim prayer, I don't understand anything, but I liked the idea of experiencing a little bit of their wisdom. Facing to Kaaba (Direction East) and no Women in front of Men… (because of Popo view :-)

It's time to get ready to sleep under the stars, everyone in the group is super-hot to sleep outside.

Half an hour after our installation without a tent, I understand that I will never be able to fall asleep because of the wind which blows more and more strongly, I took my sleeping bag and I went to sleep in the car.

The next day, I learn that nobody slept well, because of the wind.

Since that night until the end of our adventure in the dessert, the wind did not let us go, on the contrary, it only increased, we all ate and breathed sand and dust.

This allowed me to understand why the Bedouins wear the scarf. You don't survive in the storm without it.

What I also had to learn with this storm is, how to pee without getting your feet full of it, the wind was so powerful that you had little chance of succeeding if you didn't find the ideal place and facing away from the wind, to shelter you from the wind.

Our 4 days were punctuated by meals, the meeting at the oasis for some fresh water and shade, the discovery of energetically powerful places and to strip off the superfluous, a return to the essential, with a very simple life, keeping almost the same clothes during 4 days. Little or no internet connection.

Total immersion with the group, sharing meditation, yoga, discoveries, exchanges, friendship, dance, drumming/ singing music, simplicity, laughter.

Finally at the end we were no longer 7 in the group but 10 friends, our guides were part of our adventure and we of theirs.