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practitioner group

Your best exercise (practice) with people participating in the BerNLP

will attend the meet-up. Find out which is the best workout

for communication and learning. What your potential can be and what you always wanted to learn about communication. LETS GO!


A new concept that promotes the holistic balance between body and soul

spirit promotes. Get what you need from all your needs. Several steps in your personal development. A presentation that will give you direct support for the next hour. Join and get a first impression of what it means to take the first step into your new future. LET'S GO!

A balance between life and health





Pyramids, deserts and wonders

Go to another place where you can give yourself time, be for yourself and discover a whole new way cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_. Be yourself and treat yourself to your precious time. Be there when the desert calls with its silence and the hot springs invite you to bathe. The pyramid, completely private, just you inside with the group. What happened if...


No upcoming events at the moment
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