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Alle 3 Wochen

Practitioner Group


Get practice and meet people who like to participate in the BerNLP group.

Come and find out what "best practice" is, in Communications and Learning.

Find out what your potential is, and what you´ve always wanted to know. The meaning of your communication, is the response you get. Start now.

coming up Q4

seven coaches new concept


A new concept that will be introduced to you, that suits the whole balance in your body and mind. Become what you want, fulfilling all your dreams. There are several steps in your personal development. A present that will support you directly in the next hour. Join and get your first impressions of what it means to step into your new future.

coming next Summer

Retreat central America

Costa Rica

Go somewhere totally different, where you can be in harmony with your body and mind. Enjoying nature and wildlife is a very special retreat, where one can discover yourself in a destination of peace and tranquality. Be in paradise, as the Ticos and Ticas call Costa Rica. Join the adventure of being part of it. Do yourself well and let you guide to places you will love and never forget. LETS GO!

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